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 Words from Candy :P

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PostSubject: Words from Candy :P   Words from Candy :P Icon_minitime19/08/13, 03:00 pm

Hey Guys,

First of all i think i owe many of you a apolagy for my sudden dissapearence.

Remember how i posted some links on other games & reviews here on the forum?.. well that game Continent of the Ninth (c9) stuck to me.. after trying it that week or so, i never really stopped playing it..

Didnt think i would give up on Quake that easy, especially after playing it since 1999 when i was still hooked on Quake2 lol..

I do miss all of you, the times we had and everything else.. But im going to be honest to you guys, i wont come back and play it actively as i have done before. Quake will always remain a piece of me, especially because of the things i learned from it... like English language whohoo haha & the friends ive made.

Maverick sent me a email a month ago, asking me if he should keep my servers running, i said no to it cause i didnt really see the use of it anymore.
I might come back some time for a game or two, and ill log Xfire just for this.

Uhmmmm what else.. Yeh, for the ones who miss playing 'any' game with me, you can find me in c9 on the USA Akene server.. the game can be found on / my nickname there is q3CandyGirl.. leader of a guild, im easy to find.. for the ones interested in giving this awesome game (that stole me from quake) a try.

and last but not least, i had problems logging into the forum, forgot pass etc. cant request a new one, but thanks god firefox browser had it still on 'remember', just not sure how long that is gonna last & if ill be able to log in again in the future.

Well, this was it for now.. i hope all are good, living life and being the great people i know you guys are <3

Words from Candy :P Candygirlrb

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PostSubject: Re: Words from Candy :P   Words from Candy :P Icon_minitime24/01/18, 05:13 am

Will miss you CandyGirl. Keep on being a badass.

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Words from Candy :P
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