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 Faron again

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PostSubject: Faron again   02/06/13, 12:01 pm

Came back to quake,so i have a backup game other than Need for speed world (thanks to coke)
1: Invited by: idk candy she told me to apply later
2: name Faronownsyou or trillagotcake_
3: xfire account ( farony2kbug
4: have you ever cheated? if so, how many times? and how long ago was this? yeah back in 2k11 dont do it anymore
5: why did you chose to apply for Royal Badass? cuz candy has such sexy pics
6: how long have you playd quake for? what clans? what nicknames? since 2007 maybe even before that.w0y,sRs,master,CHS,dont remember rest
7: show some of your screenshots, they are not very nessecairly if you happen to play with us alot & we know who you are.
I just came back so im rusty,

Im coming back to quake and i was just dominating in razer :3 so i need a clan

8: As we are sponsoring the ReLoaDeD project we advise you to visit & write a memorial, post the link here so we know what you are all about Wink - this may take up some time, you don't have to make a memorial page straight away.
-Ill make one when i get time to.

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PostSubject: Re: Faron again   05/06/13, 03:23 pm

gl faron :]
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PostSubject: Re: Faron again   06/06/13, 01:16 pm

lock plz,RB Is dead Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Faron again   

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Faron again
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