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 Invitation Only

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PostSubject: Invitation Only   30/05/12, 07:04 am

We have locked the applications for public, from now on only players who were invited by another RB member or T-member can apply for joining >RB<

Please answer these few questions below:

1: Invited by:
2: name
3: xfire account (
4: have you ever cheated? if so, how many times? and how long ago was this?
5: why did you chose to apply for Royal Badass?
6: how long have you playd quake for? what clans? what nicknames?
7: show some of your screenshots, they are not very nessecairly if you happen to play with us alot & we know who you are.
8: As we are sponsoring the ReLoaDeD project we advise you to visit & write a memorial, post the link here so we know what you are all about Wink - this may take up some time, you don't have to make a memorial page straight away.

Also the main language spoken is English, everyone in this clan speaks English, its inportant you can communicate!

Once you are a applicant, we will keep you that way for at least one week - after this first week, the leaders will discuss if they think you have what it takes personality, skills & activity wise, to become a T-trial member. (please note that some applicants will take longer maybe even a month or more)

Becoming a T member is something the leaders make you, we don't discuss this with the members.

What does T-trial means to >RB< (every clan has different phases) is that a poll has opened up in the members only forum. You have been put up for a trial. Voting has begun & votes will be counted after 2 weeks, if you manage to get 8 yes before the poll is closed, you will be turned into a member. If you have 8 no's before these two weeks, you will be denied.

If you decide to leave RB. You have forfeited any privilege of being a member. This means that you cannot just rejoin after leaving. No excuses are accepted. If you leave, that's the end of it.
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Invitation Only
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