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 Tribes: Ascend

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PostSubject: Tribes: Ascend   18/10/12, 07:21 am

A game i have recently downloaded for free off steam. Downloading the game however might be much faster straight away of the Hi-Rez website (the developers of the game).

The game is just like Quake a first shooter game, Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It's quite a fast game too, just like quake is.. except for this game being mostly out in the open, speed is a important tool in the game, moving around can be done by the same keys you use as you were playing quake.

I played the game a few times, i have to say the first time i played it i felt a bit annoyed and irritated (but this was because i didnt understand a bunch xD).. But after the second game i got the hang of it, and it's quite a good game in my opinion.

Here a youtube basics/introduction :>

& here a Screenshot of me & sparky playing the game lol Razz

A game i definatly recommend others to try out ^.^


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Tribes: Ascend
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