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 Busy week, traveling & work

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PostSubject: Busy week, traveling & work   17/09/12, 12:18 pm

Hey guys & girls, tomorrow morning around 6am ill leave to the airport of Taiwan to catch a flight to HongKong as my visa will be expired by the end of the week, so i gotta do a visa run.. Besides that ill probably walk around HongKong all day to do some serious shopping as HongKong is one of the few places on earth that's tax-free on almost everything... Girls dream come true lol...

I will return to Taiwan tomorrow night, around 10pm (local time) & most likely be home around 11pm... Normally i go to bed 3am-ish these days as i like to catch most of you for some games... but i probably will go to bed straight away as Wednesday i will be very busy with work.. this also counts for Thursday and Friday... I will try to pop-up now and then, but i am not sure about me being much active this week...

So have fun without me.. clown

xoxooxoxox Candeh Gurl


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PostSubject: Re: Busy week, traveling & work   17/09/12, 01:24 pm

xoxoxox Razz Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Busy week, traveling & work   17/09/12, 02:42 pm

why no poland ?
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PostSubject: Re: Busy week, traveling & work   

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Busy week, traveling & work
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