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 Hi (10 chars)

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PostSubject: Hi (10 chars)   30/08/12, 02:15 pm

First topic message reminder :

1: Invited by: Candygirl
2: name Asuka
3: xfire account ( avenue32
4: have you ever cheated? if so, how many times? and how long ago was this? No, never
5: why did you chose to apply for Royal Badass? mmm cuz it looks like a friendly clan xD
6: how long have you playd quake for? what clans? what nicknames? Since 2009. Idk PWR, MXP, Pills, its, eM, etc. Asuka, Arcueid, Michellepfeiffer, emineNce, etc xD
7: show some of your screenshots, they are not very nessecairly if you happen to play with us alot & we know who you are. Look down xD
8: As we are sponsoring the ReLoaDeD project we advise you to visit & write a memorial, post the link here so we know what you are all about Wink - this may take up some time, you don't have to make a memorial page straight away. Mmm idk much about this.

Well Candy invited me and i thought it was a good idea. Em, i pretty much play quake for fun only so i hate shit talkers and drama. No flame plox. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Hi (10 chars)   13/09/12, 07:52 am

Your application has been dropped due inactivity.

/locked & denied


->*Dя@Gση!Z*<-: Wow whats wrong with u?
CandyGirl: haha
CandyGirl: oke ill stop
CandyGirl: xD
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Hi (10 chars)
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